bespoke ragdoll

What is a Bespoke Ragdoll?

"Ragdoll" is the traditional name for a doll created from found cloth/fabric and stuffed with rags.  And while my ragdolls are all stuffed with new fibre poly-fill, they are created from fabric and some are made with up-cyled pre-loved clothes & accessories. 

"Bespoke", originally meaning "been spoken for", can also mean "custom made for a particular customer".  I call my custom ragdolls "bespoke" because I create each and every one of these unique & beautiful dolls for the unique & beautiful little human they are created for!  Each Bespoke Ragdoll is spoken for, and already has a forever home, before I even start cutting & sewing!

Bespoke Ragdolls are handmade with love & completely customizable from head to toe!

Choose from (almost) endless options, including skin tone, eye colour & hair colour, to create the perfect bespoke ragdoll for your little one! Every Bespoke Ragdoll is created from high quality materials in my home studio (smoke & pet free!) with patterns I created myself!

How do I order?

orders for bespoke ragdolls are currently being placed on a waitlist:

2024 Waitlist - click this link to apply

Looking for a doll that is ready to find their forever home today?

Check out the Adopt-Me Ragdolls!  They are ready & waiting to be adopted and available for shipping or local pickup.  You can choose your doll AND choose their outfit! 

New Adopt-me Ragdolls and Outfits are released every few months so if you don't see the one you'd like, follow me on Instagram for release dates and opportunities to suggest the options on the next set of dolls!